Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund is a financial tool. This tool is made up of basket of money collected from different investors. This pool of money is then invested in stocks, debt instruments like bonds and metal ETF’s

Mutual funds are of many kinds. Each mutual fund scheme has its own benefits and target returns it proposes to deliver.

Who handles the Mutual Funds?

The fund is handled by professional portfolio managers. These managers have the knowledge and acumen to distribute funds to ensure the best results.

The sole objective of the fund managers is to create wealth for the investors. In order to fulfil the investors, wish the fund managers carefully allocate funds, monitor and manage with utmost caution and care

Categories of Mutual Funds?

Equity Funds

Aims to provide capital growth by investing in the shares of individual companies. Risk and returns are high. Good investment option if you have long-term view.

Debt Funds

Generally, invests in bonds, corporate debentures and government securities.

Hybrid Funds

Funds are invested in both equities and debt instruments