Investment Guidance Club (IGC)

Once you become a member of the Investment Guidance Club, you get the honest advice on investment in mutual fund. Learn about mutual fund, get answers to your questions and choose the right fund portfolio. All at once.

Why this Club?

Investment in Mutual Fund is very tricky. Choosing the right fund is not easy. At Biniyog, we will advise you which one to choose to earn good returns. Now you can get started!
Mutual Fund investment made easy.
Biniyog is one stop solution to get best advice on investment in mutual funds.

Understand various Mutual Fund Schemes. Get your doubts cleared and invest all at once

Benefits of going through Help Desk

Professional Advice for best investment option.

Advise on diversification of risk to arrest decline of investment

Guidance on how you can invest with small funds through mutual fund schemes.

Help and guide you to ensure liquidity.

Investment Guidance Club

Investment in Mutual Fund made easy

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